​​​​​​​Remergence - a brand new event by the PNW Burning Man chapter, Ignition NW, to fundraise for the year and reunite the community after two long years apart. The producers asked if I could create an eye-catching poster with the theme of a mayfly reemerging into the world for one beautiful day of celebration. They also asked if I could create this before end of day to send out to the print shop. Challenge accepted!

I decided the base image should be a sunrise - implying optimism, hope, and an end to the long dark night of quarantine. Sunrise itself is an important experience in Black Rock City. It is a collective moment in deep playa where we all stop and watch the sunrise together before returning to the chaos that only this festival brings. 

Credit for this photo goes to Ravi Sharma, who posted this on Unsplash. Thank you for sharing this with the world to use and create beautiful things. 
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